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Belize Property for Sale
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Belize Property for Sale

Own the dream; live in paradise. This exquisite Belize property for sale is an estate that's located in the fastest growing destination for retirement and second homes: Belize. The 5.5 acre estate, known as Dolphin Beach, is located conveniently between the upscale resorts and restaurants in Maya Beach and the authentic fishing village of Placencia which holds its own as the go-to place for barefoot-perfect beaches, places to taste the local fare or to buy a wide variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, some of which are only sold in the local area. It is in easy bicycling distance for an afternoon treat of gelato at Tutti Fruitti’s or an afternoon of BBQ at Yoli’s on the tip on the peninsula. For more adventurous excursions you’ll hike in the jaguar preserve to the mountaintop to swim in a tumbling waterfall, or head south to visit two of the most popular Mayan Ruins sites in the country.

You’ll experience the culture, cuisine and the people of this warm friendly Placencia peninsula with Caribbean homes for sale. From Belizean, Creole, Garifuna, Canadian, French, American and Mennonite, you’ll be immersed in an international milieu of well educated, thoughtful and happy people. Within the expat community you’ll find many connections and friends to include in your social circle. If you like to volunteer you’ll find myriad opportunities as the locals put their knowledge and love of their homeland to use in keeping the land and sea in pristine condition for theirs and other generations to enjoy.

 The climate maintains a steady average near 80 degrees. The constant, gentle sea breezes will waft through this Belize real estate, providing a constant reminder that you are in the Caribbean, in Belize, living along one of the most amazing strands of white sandy beach in the world. A wide variety of hibiscus, bougainvillea and other tropical flowers and greenery provide for fresh cut arrangements to be on daily display in your home.

Your guests will thrill to The Rapunzel Room, a private suite encompassing the third level. Large, wide verandahs provide views of the shimmering sea and sunrise to the east or sunset-gilded cloud formations as the sun dips behind the mountains that frame the lagoon to the west.

The star deck, atop the third level, provides unparalleled ambience and views of the entire peninsula; it's a magical place to practice your morning yoga routine or to wind down after a day of swimming, hiking, fishing or diving.
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